Thursday, 19 January 2012

Please Pray for Me. p/s : psycho itu penting!

psycho. kalo bahasa pasarnye taiko saiko. Ape yang korang paham mengenai seketul perkataan psycho? Memanglah kalau ikot psychiatrist point of view tu cakap psycho ni gilo. tp, ape yang aku paham psycho ni mcam mind game. permainan minda kate orang kampong aku.

okeh. terus terang lah kan. sepanjang aku bekerja sebagai seorang staff nurse kat Accident & Emergency Department ni, selalu jugak lah aku menPSYCHO patient. aku slalu cakap ngan patient yang mende yang aku buat tu xlah seterok or sesakit yang dorang imagine. sampai penah ade patient bengang aku keep on mentioning that everythings gonna be okey.

nak dijadikan cerita, now it's my turn to feel how and what patient's feel when i said and reassure them that the cannulation procedure was just as hurt as an ant bite. the first night of admission makes me nervous.

i tried to psychom msyelf to not to imagine how painfull is that things gonna be. but!  once the needle was being pricked into my vein, i swear to God that if this thing continously being in and out into my vein, I  really wish that i could punch the staff nurse whom cannulate me!

id band on the right hand and branula on the left side :'(

now, let me make it short. today, 20th January 2012. and hey, it's Friday! Doctor S has scheduled me to undergone tonsilectomy this afternoon. and as for preparation, I've been asked to keep NBM.

see that signage?

just pray for may safety and successfull of this operation. even some people said that its not even a big deal, hey! try to put yourself in my shoes.

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